Small Business Week, May 1-7, 2022

Small Business Day

When we think of small businesses, we automatically think of “Mom and Pop” restaurants—places that remind us of our childhood and a great meal with friends/family that created a warm memory in our hearts and minds.

This week is National Small Business week. For generations, small businesses across America have shaped and embodied our Nation’s entrepreneurial spirit and driven our economy forward. Today, more than 32 million small businesses employ almost half of America’s workforce and represent the heart and soul of countless communities.

During this week, we celebrate America’s small businesses; everything from our local architects and engineering offices with just a few employees to general contractors/home repairmen that are there in our time of need from storms, fires/water damage; the truck drivers that deliver all of our goods so we can buy our groceries and household items, the hair salons, barbers and nail shops for that much needed personal care, the snow removal/lawn care providers that help us so much with their trucks and  equipment to safely care for our homes and offices, don’t forget the pie/cake bakeries for that last minute dessert for the holidays and family gatherings, along with the small shops for clothing, home goods, gifts, etc., where we pick up our Mother’s Day gifts, and the list goes on and on. All of these businesses affect and improve our lives with their enormous contributions.

Take the time to shop locally this week and every week. Support your small businesses and say, Thanks! to those that make our lives better.